Your Best Defense Against Wasting Google Ads Budget? NEGATIVE KEYWORDS

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Your Best Defense Against Wasting Google Ads Budget?

Today we’re going to cover negative keywords. One of the biggest mistakes that advertisers make in a campaign is not putting in negative keywords.

Think of the keywords that we’re targeting, the search phrases that we’re targeting as the offense and the negative keywords, the keywords that we want to block out.

And of having Google show our ads to people that are using specific phrases or even one word.

Those are the negative keywords. I’ll give you an example.

This particular client is a wedding photographer in Jacksonville. So we are targeting engagement photographer, professional engagement photographer, creative engagement photographer, wedding photographer prices.

This is our offense. These are the keywords that we are targeting.

We want Google to show our ads to phrases like this if somebody is located in the Jacksonville, Florida area, but the negative keywords.

Google also is going to show our ads to “like” searches, searches that Google thinks are similar to the keywords that we’re targeting.

But we need to help Google block out certain keywords or phrases where we know for sure that person is not looking for a wedding photographer in Jacksonville.

You can navigate to your negative keywords here.

You can add negative keywords by clicking this plus button. I actually prefer to use a negative keyword list. That way you can attach a list to future campaigns that you’ve already built out for your first campaign.

Negative keywords

And so it’s much easier and more efficient.

You can navigate to your negative lists right here.

Clicking the wrench under Shared >Library negative keyword lists. You can click on it here.

So these are words that we do not want in the search query. We want to tell Google anytime somebody is looking for an intern, puts internship or jobs or planner.

She’s not a wedding planner. She’s a wedding photographer. Professional photographer. Exact match.

Yes, she is a professional photographer, but they’re photographers for all different types of shoots.

So she only wants to come up when somebody is searching for an engagement or wedding photographer.

So use your keyword list as defense. And that helps tell Google what words absolutely you do not want your ads to show for.

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