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Text Messaging Ads: 10 Steps to Start Texting with New Clients

10 things to know for AdWords Text Message Ads.

Google has recently rolled out the click-to-text message ad extension in Google AdWords. The feature is automatically available to all customers and like call-only ads, it’s available only on mobile. The steps are simple to set up your Text Messaging Ads and you will be charged for text messages at the same CPC that a […]

8 Hot Tips on Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads

8 Tips to Expanded Text Ads in Adwords.

Google Adwords released their Expanded Text Ads feature this summer and is now forcing existing advertisers to convert to the new format before the end of January, 2017. The last 15 years of best practices in ad text creation are now being put to the test as ad agencies and advertisers convert to the new […]