MAXIMIZE CLICKS: Is this the best strategy for you?

MAXIMIZE CLICKS Is this the best strategy for you

Should you be using the Maximize Clicks bid strategy?

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins. I am the founder of CLICKPlacement and we are a Google premier partner.

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This is one video of a series of videos that I’m going through every single bid strategy and when and why you should use it.

Today I’m going to go through Max clicks and I’m first going to show you where you can change your bid strategy right now.

At the campaign level over on the left, you click on settings and then in the bidding section I actually have this particular campaign already set to max clicks, but you would change the bid strategy right here.

MAXIMIZE CLICKS Is this the best strategy for you

You choose clicks, then you can click not recommended and it changes actually to max clicks.

With a Max clicks bid strategy, you can also set a maximum cost per click bid limit, this right here, and choose a dollar amount.

MAXIMIZE CLICKS Is this the best strategy for you

If you’ve been running Google Ads previously and you have an idea as to what your clicks have cost in the past, you can put that dollar amount right here.

When we recommend a maximized clicks bid strategy, we actually do not recommend putting a max bid limit because we start new campaigns, typically on a maximize clicks bid strategy because we want as much traffic as we can coming into the Google Ads system.

And then we’re tracking conversions and it’s helping us decide and determine how expensive are our clicks for our audience and how frequently are we getting conversions.

We want up to 30 conversions, hopefully 20 to 30 conversions in a maximize clicks bid strategy without a bid limit.

Then we move over to maximize conversions and I’ll jump into that conversion strategy or bid strategy in a future video.

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