Unveiling the Power of Keyword Planner: Shatter Your Assumptions!

Unveiling the Power of Keyword Planner Shatter Your Assumptions

Don’t bid on the phrase plastic surgery near me. Nobody uses plastic surgery anymore. Bid on cosmetic surgery near me. Wrong.

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This is Todd Nevins. I’m the founder of CLICKplacement. We are a Google premier partner and I’m going to go through how to use keyword planner within Google Ads to dispel your assumptions about what you think your audience is searching for in your space.

Cosmetic surgery space is a perfect example.

We think that people are using the more updated term cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgery is an older term that nobody searches for anymore.

And I’m going to prove that to be incorrect right here.

To find keyword planner, click on the tools wrench in the upper right and then keyword planner under your planning column and you put in your keywords here.

I’ve already got them saved, so I’ve got cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon, and then near me. Near me.

And here we go.

This is for all over the United States and this is just Google, not the search partners.

And you will see that average monthly searches for cosmetic surgeon near me, 1900.

Plastic surgeon near me, 27,000.

If you’re thinking, oh, that’s maybe in Texas or in Florida or in the south or in parts of the country people use, still are using plastic surgery.

They’re using it all over the country.

I looked at Texas, I looked at Minneapolis and the numbers are still the same.

So this dispels any sort of assumptions that you think if you’re, let’s say you’re in the real estate space and you don’t think people are searching for realtor near me, they’re searching for real estate agent near me.

Well, rely on Google’s data to help you build your campaign around these different keywords.

I’m not saying to not bid on one or the other, I’m saying you bid on both, but you separate them out into different ad groups so then your ad copy can speak to plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

That is the right way to do it.

Thank you for watching Google Ads quick hits and for watching it all of the way through today.

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