Controlling the Avg CPC with a Target CPA Strategy

Controlling the Avg CPC with a Target CPA Strategy

Controlling your average cost per click even in a maximized conversions bid strategy.

Yes, it is possible. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

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I’m Todd Nevins. I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google partner and this is a common scenario that we face all of the time.

Let’s assume you are running a maximized conversions bid strategy, hopefully with a target CPA dollar amount on top of that.

Even if you’ve been watching my videos, I’ve showed you exactly how to do that.

But let’s assume you are doing that, but you’re still paying $5 $10 $50 per click.

And as the math works out to your cost per conversion, that’s driving up your cost per conversion.

If you could only lower that, that average CPC a little bit, it would help your cost per conversion.

This is a hidden feature within Google.

It is hard to find and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it right now.

Go to your tools wrench in the upper right and then in your shared library column, click bid strategies and click the plus sign.

If you try to create a portfolio bid strategy with maximize conversions, there is no option here for you to choose your your maximize bid limit and what you want to pay per conversion.


So I’m going to jump out of this and start another one and you are required to do a target CPA strategy.

And even now there isn’t a field to put in the dollar amount that you would like to pay per click, but you have to click the advanced options and there you go.

You can put, let’s say you’re paying right now, $8 per click and you wish you were only paying six or seven.

You could put in a minimum bid limit of $5 here, $7 here, and then let the system run after you’re telling it, hey, I only want to spend dollar six per click.

And then hopefully it still is able to drive conversions at the target CPA that you’ve told the bid strategy to drive conversions at.

And it all works out. The math is in your favor.

Experiment with this, because when we’ve tried this, the results have been really good for about two or three weeks and then they’ve tapered off and so we’ve had to make some adjustments within this portfolio strategy consistently to keep the system on track.

So as always, test it and make sure it works for you.

Thank you for watching Google Ads quick hits.

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