TARGET IMPRESSION SHARE: When is This the Best Bid Strategy?

TARGET IMPRESSION SHARE When is this the best bid strategy

When should you use a Target Impression Share bid strategy on Google Ads?

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This is a video and a series of videos that I’m going through all of the bid strategies in Google Ads today.

I’m going to go through the target impression share bid strategy and first I’m going to show you where to change that right now.

You go at the campaign level over on the left settings in the left nav and then you go to the biding section.

I have this particular campaign set to maximize clicks, but to change the bid strategy, simply click change bid strategy.

On the drop down impression share is the bottom and this gives you a little bit more control.

Where do you want your ads to appear?

Anywhere on the search results page or at the top.
So in the top three or four or absolute top results page this means first place.

You can also choose how much impression share you want. I’m going to suggest 100 and I’m going to get into that in a second.

And you leave this maximum CPC bid limit open and click Save.

The best time to run an impression share bid strategy is on a branded campaign, your branded keyword.

So you create all of your branded keywords and any slight variations or common misspellings of your brand, put them into an ad group, into a campaign.

Then you run a bid strategy of target impression share.

Make sure you’re at 100% as you run this, you can watch your search impression share column to see actually how much impression share you’re getting.

Most likely you’re going to run into the 80 or 90%.

Google will never give you 100 if you’re in the 90% or above.

Good job. That’s the reason why you run an impression share bid strategy.

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