MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS: Is it time to make the switch?

MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS Is it time to make the switch

When should you use a maximized conversions bid strategy with a target CPA dollar amount on top of it?

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This video is in a series of videos where I go through every single bid strategy on Google Ads and today I’m going to go through maximize conversions with the target CPA.

This is one that we use all of of the time.
First, I’m going to show you how you change that in your settings area of your campaign.

MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS Is it time to make the switch

Then I’m going to go through the logic behind when and why you should be running maximized conversions.

Let’s get started right here.

At the campaign level, you go over on the left nav click settings, and in the bidding section, I actually have this campaign set to maximize clicks.

MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS Is it time to make the switch

Change the bid strategy to max conversions conversions right there.

You can set the target CPA dollar amount right here.

What do you set the dollar amount for?

The way to properly use a maximized conversions bid strategy is you were first running maximized clicks to drive as much traffic as you can to your website and get as many conversions up to 30 conversions.

As soon as you have 30 conversions in a maximized clicks bid strategy, you change it to max conversions.

You run this without a target CPA dollar amount to get 30 more conversions.

Then you know exactly what the system is driving, how well the system is driving conversions and at what cost per conversion after 30 more conversions.

So now you’re at 60 total conversions.

You put in a dollar amount, a target CPA dollar amount, put it 10% lower than what the system is driving the cost per conversion at.

So it’s telling the system thanks for running max conversions and driving conversions at, let’s say, $150.

You drop that down $15 10% and run it at $135 target CPA to see if the system will actually lower your cost per conversion and still drive the same number of conversions,

or hopefully more in a 30 day period of time.

That’s how you use maximize conversions, and then you cycle in a target CPA dollar amount on top of that.

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