Turning Ad Groups with Zero Impressions into Winners. [3 Steps]

Turning Ad Groups with Zero Impressions into Winners

Do you currently have ad groups running in your campaigns with zero impressions?

You need to make a change, because Google is going to if you don’t.

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins. I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google premier partner, and today I’m going to help you turn those ad groups around.

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There are three easy steps, and you need to follow them in order.

But first, I’m going to get to what Google is changing on us right now.

As of March 11, if you have ad groups without any impressions and they are 13 months or older, Google is going to start pausing those ad groups automatically between March 11 and April 30.

Turning Ad Groups with Zero Impressions into Winners

So you may log into your campaign and see that you have three or four or five fewer ad groups running because you had ad groups in there with were impressions and they were 13 months old or older.

Here is what you do to change those.

I’m going to give you three specific steps.

Number one, go into your ad groups with zero impressions and make sure your ad copy and your ad strength is either good or excellent.

If it’s not good or excellent, change your headlines and descriptions to include the keywords that are in that ad group.

And when you start adding in headlines and descriptions and change your descriptions, your ad strength indicator will change to average good or excellent.

You want good or excellent? That’s the first step.

And then leave that for a week. If a week later you still do not have impressions.

Number two, change the match types from phrase and exact. Assuming that they are phrase and exact match type keywords in those ad groups, change them.

Create new ad groups with broad match keywords and then pause those ad groups with phrase and exact match keywords.

And see if Google fires up those new ad groups with your broad match keywords that were once running as phrase match and you’re now paused.

Ad groups and number three, this is the most drastic. If you still do not have impressions or clicks in these new ad groups that you created with your broad match keywords, pause those ad groups, create a new campaign and put those ad groups in the new campaign.

Because I bet the reason that you have zero impressions in those ad groups is because you’ve got other ad groups that are absorbing the traffic and the budget and there’s not enough budget left over for your underperforming ad groups.

So putting them into a new campaign and with its own budget allows those ad groups to stand on their own.

And you can also run a bid strategy like Max clicks that tells Google system bring us all the traffic you can based on these keywords.

I hope that helped. Thank you for watching this video all the way through the end.

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