Google Ads Lays Off 100s More in Customer Support

Google Ads Lays Off 100s More in Customer Support

Getting any sort of help from Google’s support team is about to get a lot worse.

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During COVID the support team within Google drastically was reduced and it became nearly impossible to get anybody on the phone to help with any issues.

It did help if there was a support rep assigned to your account, but most small businesses and lower spend accounts did not and do not have reps assigned to them.

It was just announced recently that AI is continuing to impact Google’s support team and where Google is leaning into AI to help with these issues.

Google Ads Lays Off 100s More in Customer Support

So they just laid off hundreds of more people in the support team and I’m going to go through impacts of that right now.

This is the article in search engine land that I’m referring to, and I’ll put these links in this video so just a few hundred people recently in Google Ads have been laid off, and Jenny Marvin, a liaison at Google, points to Google AI back a couple of days ago.

They’ve also laid off hundreds of people in the engineer hearing department.

Google Ads Lays Off 100s More in Customer Support

And back in December, 12,000 employees were also laid off.

Google Ads Lays Off 100s

But if you look at the stock price, back one year ago, the stock was trading at under $100 at 93, and now it’s up to 144.

So they’re doing something right if the stock price is up.

It’s never good to see a bunch of layoffs at a company, and certainly one that if you’re watching this video, you are heavily dependent in upon.

So thank you for watching this video all the way through.

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