Beware of the New Broad Match Keyword Setting

Beware of the New Broad Match Keyword Setting

Google just rolled out a new feature titled Broad Match keywords in the Settings section of your search campaigns and it is awful.

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins. I am the founder of CLICKPlacement.

We are a Google Premier partner and I’m going to help you opt out of this new feature.

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Make sure your campaigns are already opted out of it.

And I’m also going to talk to you about a better strategy to implement broad match key words into your search campaigns. Let’s get started.

Go to your search campaign and over on the left click on settings and this new feature is titled Broad Match Keywords.

Beware of the New Broad Match Keyword Setting

If you choose to have it on, use broad match keywords for your entire campaign.

Beware of the New Broad Match Keyword Setting

That will have horrible results.

You need to have off checked because you want to be able to use phrase, exact and broad match keywords depending upon the performance.

We just rolled out a video two months ago titled 30 60 90 steps to broad match keyword dominance.

It’s two months old and I’m going to put that link in the bio below.

That is a much better strategy to slowly implement broad match keywords into your search campaigns.

When you’re using smart bidding and you already have solid conversion data from your phrase and exact match keywords, you will have much better results.

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