7 Bulletproof Tips for Google Ads Excellence with Broad Match Keywords

7 Bulletproof Tips for Google Ads Excellence with Broad Match Keywords

Seven bulletproof tips for Google Ads excellence with broad match keywords.

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins. I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Premier partner.

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It’s the 30 60 90 rule in this one.

We’re going to dive deep into seven bulletproof areas that need to be in place before you’re ready

to move into a broad match environment.

Let’s get started.

It number 160 conversions.

You’ve got to have 60 conversions already coming in from your exact and phrase keywords before you can even begin to start thinking about a broad match strategy.

Number two, you had to have been running maximized conversions bid strategy for your last 30 conversions.

So you’ve got 60 total, but your most recent 30 have to be running in a maximized conversions bid strategy.

Number 3 100 Negative, Keywords.

Hopefully along the way you have been closely watching your search terms to see the search terms that

Google has been showing your ads to. They don’t always match up directly to your phrase and exact match keywords.

If you see terms in those search terms or words in those search terms that are absolutely not applicable, like free or cheap, you’re adding those keywords to your Negative List and your Negative List is applied to this campaign.

Highly recommend that you have a minimum of 100 negative Keywords because that is also teaching Google’s system who not to show your ads to.

Number four. Three words per keyword.

So let’s take a cosmetic surgeon as an example to bid on the word cosmetic surgeon is too broad right now.

We need more conversion data before we bid on just that two word keyword.

But best cosmetic surgeon, local cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon for nose jobs?

Cosmetic surgeon for liposuction.

Those are better keywords because it’s three or more words in each broad match keyword.

Number five. And this helps with number four.

City state near me to add more words to those phrases. So jumping back to my previous example, cosmetic surgeon near me.

Cosmetic surgeon aAustin, Texas Local Cosmetic surgeon those words help tell the system, hey, we want to be a little bit specific on the keywords that you’re showing our ad adds to.

So cosmetic surgeon near me bullseye.

Number six when you’ve got your huge list of broad match keywords that you’re going to add, break them into their own individual ad groups.

So you’ve got a very good view of the ad groups that contain your broad match keywords.

You may have 3458 ad groups that have broad match keywords in them.

And here’s the trick at the very end, simply put, of the title, the name of the ad group broad.

So you know all of those keywords in that ad group are broad match.

Number seven. The sweet spot that we found is three to eight broad match keywords per ad group.

If you find ten or twelve keywords in one broad match ad group, typically there are some similarities between the two groupings.

Break them out into their own individual ad groups.

So three to eight broad match keywords per ad group.

I hope these seven bulletproof tips helped you. We use them all of the time.

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