9 Mistakes Most Doctors Make with Google Ads

Today, I’m going to go through the 9 Mistakes most doctors make with Google Ads.

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I’m going to use the example of a pain management doctor today, but bet you find that most of these nine examples and mistakes that most doctors make, you might be making too. Let’s get started.

Number one, running only one search campaign. If you’re a pain management doctor, you have people coming to you with all different types of pain from shoulder, neck, legs, tingling in their fingers or toes.
So you design your campaigns around each of those categories, and that allows you to control the budget for each of those categories.
And the big one of people simply looking for pain management doctor. Pain doctor. That’s a separate campaign as well because those are very high value searches.

Number two device bidding.
If you prefer phone calls as conversions, then you want to do negative bid adjustments on computers and desktops.
But if you prefer to get online consultations, then you may want to bid down on mobile. Depends on the types of conversions that you prefer.

Number three
Your geotargeting is way too big, especially if you’re in a metro area.
People do not want to drive an hour across town to go to their doctor. They’re going to choose a pain management clinic or doctor that’s hopefully within 15 or 20 minutes of where they live or where they work. So that’s how you should design your geotargeting.

Number four, ad schedule and running ads 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is wrong.
Great rule of thumb for doctors. 07:00 a.m. To 09:00 p.m. Seven days a week. This is a private conversation between a patient and a doctor and even doing the research.
People typically don’t want to do that during the week at the office, so they prefer to do them evenings and weekends.
But show them down at nine, start them up at 07:00 a.m.

Number five, inaccurate conversion data. Come on your Google Ads strategists need this information to make good decisions.
So get your conversions tracking through tag Manager through GA Four, feeding that data back into Google Ads.
And you want primary conversions like phone calls. and contact us form submissions, and then secondary conversions as well, like on page actions, number of page views, and time on site.
All of that information is used to make better decisions.

Number six, having before and after photos on your landing pages.
I’m speaking more to, like, cosmetic surgeons versus pain management doctors.
But if there are graphic images, before and after images on your landing pages, a lot of times Google will disapprove those ads.

Number seven
Speak to mobile first, not desktop. 60 70% of the traffic to your site is most likely from mobile devices.
Make it mobile friendly. Big words, big buttons and easy call to actions from mobile devices.

Number eight, calendly.
If you don’t have calendly embedded onto all of your landing pages, you’re missing out on conversions and conversations.
So embed that onto your landing pages, and it gives your visitor the control to lock something down on both of your calendars just like that.
And yes, that information is then fed back into Google ads as a conversion.

Number nine and the game changer.
A virtual consultation or an online symptom indicator. Pain management survey.
You’re a pain management specialist.I come to your website because I am in pain.
You give me an option to take a pain management survey. I click it, it pops up. Male or female? I click male.
Then it shows me a silhouette, front and back. And I choose where of pain. I can choose the severity of the pain. I submit that in with my contact information into you directly. That is three things.
I am in pain, so I’m potentially a client. Number two, I’ve taken the time to go through all of these steps, so I am very engaged. And number three, you’ve got exactly what my problems are.
And my contact information.
Once that comes into you, that conversion data comes back into Google Ads and voila. That is an engaged conversion.

I hope these nine things that most doctors get wrong help you and apply to your business if you’re not a doctor.

And yes, I am recording this with a hospital right behind me.

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