6 Ways Google Makes Money

Today I’m going to go through the six different ways that Google makes money, which equated to $280,000,000,000 in 2022.

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Number six: Other bets.

If there are any accountants watching this, please comment with what that means.

But other bets came in with just a few hundred million dollars in revenue for Google.

Number five: Hedging gains again

Any accountants out there? Give me a little help in the comments.

This is about a billion dollars in revenue for Google in 2022.

6 Ways Google Makes Money

Number four
At about 7.5% of the total revenue, is Google Cloud and Google Workspace.

So if you have your Gmail tied to your company when you log in, every time you see Google Workspace yeah, we’re all paying Google money on that.

And it’s coming in at $21 billion.

Google Workspace

Number three: App purchases on the Google Play, store and YouTube subscribers at about 11%.

That equates to $31 billion annually.

6 Ways Google Makes Money

Number two

Now we’re getting into the ad revenue.

20% of their revenue comes from advertising on the Display Network and on YouTube.

That’s about $56 billion.

6 Ways Google Makes Money

And number one, and absolutely no surprise, 60% of Google’s revenue comes from Google

Search pay per click marketing. That equates.

6 Ways Google

We got a helicopter above us. It’s such a big deal for number $168,000,000,000 a year.

Comes from Google search clicks.

That leaves $224,000,000,000 coming in from ad revenue for Google and a total of around $280,000,000,000 in 2022.

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