3 Game Changing Google App Features

3 Game Changing Google App Features

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Today, I go through the three best reasons to download the new Google app right now.

If you’ve been watching any of the NFL games so far this season, you will have seen some really neat commercials about this new Google app.

And it is different than the Chrome app, so make sure that you download or update the correct app.

I’m going to go through my three favorite features for you on my phone right now.

Number one, identify song by listening. This is clearly a competitor to Shazam, but it worked for me just as good.

Number two, translate text with your camera. A huge feature for frequent travelers and for me since I live in Mexico City.

Number three, this is the big one. The camera search icon is on the far right of the search section, and then every time you open it, you have to click Search with your camera to start the functionality.

3 Game Changing Google App Features

Tap any image in the frame that you want to search, and the search results range from Amazon Etsy and specific websites and some show pricing in the results.

Or you can click through for more pricing.

You’ll notice a white dot that hovers over specific things in the image.

This makes an image search seamless. But here’s where Google Ads comes in.

A quick scroll down after I was checking out my own Chuck Taylor’s Shows sponsored Shop Related products section.

These are served directly from performance max and shopping campaign means within Google Ads.

That’s it for the show. Those are my three favorite features of the new Google app.

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