Product Images in SECONDS

Product Images in SECONDS

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins and I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Ads premier partner and I am dodging the sun on a rooftop today.

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Also today I am going through one more key takeaway from the Google Marketing

Live event that happened just recently. And this one I go through. It’s coming soon.

It’s not available yet. We all know how hard it is to create product images that look cool.

This, this is going to change it and product studio is right here.

Product Images in SECONDS

We start with an exfoliating scrub that is peach scented and all we have to do is describe it.

Enter a description of the scene.

Product Images

We’ve got our product and we have removed all of the background around our product.

Hit generate scene in just a few seconds. It comes up with four different images for us to choose from and we can also change this background.

We can add in after this, but put it on the beach, but put it in the mountains, whatever.

Product Images in SECONDS

It is really, really cool. It is coming soon.

And it was one of the top takeaways from the Google Marketing Live event that just happened recently.

That’s it. Leave me a like and a comment if this helped you and if you are excited as I am about this cool new product, thank you for watching Google Ads Quick Hits.


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