Don’t Freak! Served Cost vs Billed Cost

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Today we are talking about served cost versus build cost. And this can sometimes freak you out.

We we launched a number of new audiences in existing clients remarketing campaign on a Wednesday with a budget of about $20 a day in this campaign.

And it blew up when we logged into the interface the next day.

It had spent $3,000 all at once in one day. Here’s where you check the build cost versus the served cost and what to do to make sure you’re not actually paying for this.

First you log into your account and you go to your reports, then your predefined reports and as if it couldn’t be hard enough to find it’s all the way at the very bottom other and then build cost.

Don't Freak! Served Cost vs Billed Cost

And here’s what it was december 1 through January 5.

Look at the discrepancy. This is the served cost $9,769.
But we only paid $5,783 on December 7 when we launched these new audiences in this remarketing campaign.

It spent over $3,000 in one day.

And that campaign had a $20 a day budget. That’s why we only paid $20.

We were not charged that. And how to make sure is that you go to billing and you look at your campaigns and on this day on December 1, we were credited back right here, $3,243.

And so it was all hands on deck for a few minutes until we figured out what was going on.

We paused everything and we got on the phone with Google and they walked us through the difference between these two costs and gave us an explanation of why this sometimes happens.

So if it happens to you, log into the predefined reports and make sure what you are actually paying for.

That’s the important thing.

So this particular situation, we got a lot of free clicks because all of that was credited back.

I hope this helped you today.

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