Chat GPT for Google Ads

Chat GPT for Google Ads

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins. I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement and we are a Google Ads Agency partner.

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And today we are going to talk about chat GPT.

It is getting huge, huge coverage. And Bing Ads just a couple of days ago said that they might be folding this functionality into their ad copy section.

And Google is not far behind, I’m guessing. What is it? It is an AI driven tool online that generates human like text.

And today we’re going to cover how to use it to generate your ad copy for responsive search ads.

Right here.

First, what is it? You do a search for chat GPT and Open comes up, you log in and you create your account and you can put in anything.

Chat GPT for Google Ads

What is the history of the Broken Spoke dance hall?

Google Ads

Dance hall in Austin, Texas in 500 words and you hit go and it starts typing this out in real time. Dating back to 1964, founded by James White and his wife Annetta have actually met them.

Chat GPT for Google Ads

I also typed in the history of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas in 500 words, and here is the result.

Chat GPT

But for Google Ads purposes, I also typed in 15 headlines with 30 characters or less for an in home nursing care company in Chicago.

Chat GPT for Google Ads

And here are 15 headlines that you can consider that you can use for your responsive search ads for your in home nursing care client in Chicago, or if you are an in home nursing care company, here are your 15 headlines to consider.

And I also typed in four descriptions, 90 characters or less, for a fertility clinic in San Diego, California.

And here are four descriptions you can type in that you want, ten descriptions and you choose the

best four that best fits your business.

That is how Chat GPT or Open AI works, how you can utilize it for your Google Ads ad copy and your site links.

And it is changing rapidly. Check it out.

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