Using Segments to Track Your Click Types

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Today I’m going to help you use the segments section. And what I mean by that is right here, I’m at the campaign view.

We’ve got one campaign running and I’m going to talk about this particular section.

And first click type. When are your ads getting clicked on and what area of your ads are getting clicked on?

So under segment, you simply click type. And this is showing you, in the last 90 days, we had 1246 clicks.

Using Segments to Track Your Click Types

1049 of those actually clicked on the headline of the ad. 15 of them clicked straight from the ad and called didn’t even land on the page.

This site link, though, this is an interesting one, the site link.

We have four site links set up for this client. So four site links populate underneath the ad. So out of 1246 total clicks, 181 of them, 10% clicked on one of the four site links.

Using Segments

So this is telling me I need to make sure that our site links are 100% accurate.

We had a 15% click through rate on the headline and only 2.83% on the site link.

Track Your Click Types

That tells us that the headline is obviously getting more action.

And then we had one person click on an image extension out of the 1246.

That’s how you use your segment area to look at the types of clicks you’re receiving and then how to optimize optimize accordingly.

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