Target CPA at the Ad Group Level

Target CPA at the Ad Group Level

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Target CPA

If you are running a maximize conversions bid strategy with a target CPA dollar amount on top of that, there is a new feature that is super cool.

You can now change the target CPA dollar amount at the ad group level, and I’m going to show you exactly how and why to do that. Right now.

This particular campaign targets neck cliffs for a cosmetic surgeon.

And you see here that I’ve got a target CPA dollar amount set at the campaign level at $170.

Telling the system we’re willing to spend $170 per conversion.

Target CPA at the Ad Group Level

But there are two ad groups in here that are outperforming and both of them pertain to people that are using this is the title of the ad group.

But when surgery is in the search query, and I know based on the title of these ad groups, that all the keywords in these two ad groups right here neck cliffs surgery, double Chin surgery, have surgery in the keyword.

So you can change you can update your columns right here and make sure that your target CPA column is populated, and you can simply change.

Target CPA

Let’s say we’re willing to spend $200 for somebody that uses the word surgery in their search query.

You can put $200 here, save it.

And now we’re telling the system we’re willing to spend $200 in the double chin surgery and neck cliff surgery ad groups.

This really helps you fine tune and tell the system, hey, Google, we’re willing to spend more, but only in these two particular ads groups, not the entire campaign.

It helps drive higher conversions at a higher value, conversions at a higher dollar amount because you know that they’re worth more.

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