Opt-out to Auto-apply Recommendations

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Today I’m going to help you opt out of auto applying recommendations into your account.

It is a terrible idea all of the time time. Google has recommendations that constantly come up every single week and they will opt you into having those auto apply into your account and into your campaigns and ad groups and keywords.

And it is a great way to waste money very quickly.

Here’s how you opt out. You go to your all campaigns recommendations and it’s not real obvious.

Opt-out to Auto-apply Recommendations

You see here, we have a bunch of recommendations here and if we had auto apply opted into, it would implement all of these recommendations without us realizing it.

So you click this Auto apply button on the right and it has two drop downs.

Auto-apply Recommendations

And here are your options to choose which recommendations you want to auto apply and which ones you do not.

Make sure that every single one of these is unchecked.

Opt-out to Auto-apply Recommendations

Do not click select all on any of these boxes. Do not auto apply recommendations into your Google Ads account.

Go in there and manage it properly and look through and see what they are going to what are they recommending?

Click on your recommendations and look through these.

Some of them are good, most of them are not, but there are some gems in there.

So you can apply those manually or you can click Apply to to manually apply it into your accounts and ad groups and keywords, but don’t have Google do it automatically.

I know this helped you, but if it helped, please leave me a like and a comment. And thank you for watching Google Ads Quick Hits.

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