When to Use the Position Based Attribution Model

When to Use the Position Based Attribution Model

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In my last video, I talked about using Time decay as the Attribution model on your conversion actions.

If your sales cycle is less than in 24 hours, if it’s longer than 24 hours, then you need to use position based attribution models for all of your conversions.

And here’s where you change it.

You click on Tools, then Conversions, then you go to your conversion section and you click on one of your conversions.

When to Use the Position Based Attribution Model
Position Based Attribution Model

Edit settings, and the bottom one is the Attribution model when you change it to position based.

Position Based Attribution Model

Position based Attribution model, which is what you should have if you have a sales cycle longer than 24 hours, but fewer than 300 conversions per conversion action in a 30 day period of time.

The correct Attribution model is position based.

And what it does is it gives 40% let’s say a person has clicked on three of your ads, four of your ads.

It gives 40% of the Attribution on that very first click and 40% of the credit on the last click.

And then the middle 20% is split out between 1234 different clicks on your ads.

That’s how position base works, and that’s why you should run it if you have fewer than 300 conversions and your sales cycle is longer than 24 hours.

On my next video, I’m going to talk to you about if you have 300 conversions or more and what the best Attribution model is for your business.

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