Boost Your CTR’s with Keyword Insertion

Boost Your CTRs with Keyword Insertion

Thank you for watching Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins, and I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Ads agency partner.

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Today I’m going to cover keyword insertion in your ad copy.

What does that mean?

Here is a perfect example I did to search for MD Anderson Cancer Center and the top ad is from and it has their company name here in the top of the ad.

Boost Your CTRs with Keyword Insertion

But down here on ads three and four, this is not MD Anderson, but the first headline for each of these ads is actually MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Keyword Insertion

So how did these companies get MD Anderson to come up in their ad?

They did it through keyword insertion. And it’s actually a really good idea. It mirrors exactly what my search query was and makes the headline match exactly what I’m searching for.

So here’s an example. I am in a responsive search ad. We’ve got up to 15 headlines that we can use, but I want my top headline to mirror exactly what the person just searched for.


So what you do is you do a shift and the bracket and it brings up this option to do keyword insertion.

You click that and you have to put in a default headline.

So this particular campaign, an ad group, is targeting people looking for a PPC agency for a senior living community.

So the default here, if their search query is longer than 30 characters, including spaces, then my default headline comes up.

You also want to choose title case, not sentence case, and definitely not lower case.

Boost your CTR's

So you apply that and here it is. Shows you that this top headline is going to change dynamically based on what their search query was up to 30 characters, including spaces.

This over time will help your click through rate, which will then help your quality score.

And overall, it will lower your average CPC that you’re paying for these particular clicks.

So using keyword insertion, very good strategy.

I hope this helped you leave me a like and a comment if so. And thank you for watching Google Ads Quick Hits.


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