Keyword Match Types Broad-Phrase-Exact

Keyword Match Types broad phrase exact

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins. I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. And we are a Google Ads agency partner.

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Today I’m going to cover keyword match types: Broad, Phrase, and Exact Match, and I’m going to put this link in the body of this video.

Here are the three different match types and how Google describes them.

Keyword Match Types

Broad Match is loose, matching phrase is moderate and Exact is tight.

And what’s actually happened is that broad match has turned into driving traffic that is very poor quality.

So we always start with Phrase Match and typically are using Phrase or Exact Match keywords.

Here’s how you’re able to find exactly which search queries Google is serving your ads to.

If you go to your campaign, then ad group and search keywords right here.

Keyword Match Types broad phrase exact

Here are the keywords in this particular cosmetic surgeon’s ad group titled Liposuction Near Me.

And if you want to see the search queries or the search terms that Google served your ads to, you simply check the box to the left.

Keyword Match Types

I’m going to check the box to the left of Liposuction Dallas and Liposuction Near Me, you click Search terms under Search Terms.

These are the exact search terms that Google served our Ads to.

And we’re still using phrase match. We’re telling Google to be moderate in regards to who to show our Ads to.

And then Liposuction Near Me is the keyword that Google served our ad to. But the search query is 360 Arm Liposuction near me.

broad phrase exact

That’s not really liposuction near me. So now I have to make a decision.

If this particular advertiser offers 360 lipo, then I would create an ad group that would target the search terms and the search queries that people are looking for 360 liposuction.

If this particular advertiser does not offer that, then I also have to make a decision.

Do I add this in as a negative keyword so our ads do not show in the future for people that are looking for 360 liposuction, that’s why you use Phrase Match.

And if these terms here in the Search Terms Report are getting too broad, then you even go Exact Match.

If you were to start with Broad Match, these search terms would show a ton of competitors. That’s how Google’s broad match keyword system works.

So start with phrase match. If things are still too loose over in the Search terms report and too broad, then you go exactly match.

That’s how you use keyword match types.

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