How many Keywords per Ad Group ? 

How Many Keywords per Ad Group

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins, and I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Ads agency partner.

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Today I’m going to cover how many keywords you should have in each ad group.

The quick answer is between five and 2025 keywords per ad group.

What if you have more than that? Most of the time?

If you’ve got 30, 40, 5100 keywords in an ad group, you can split those apart in themes.

I’m going to show you a perfect example right now. This particular advertiser is a cosmetic surgeon and this campaign is split into different ad groups that target liposuction, mommy Makeover and tummy tuck.

So we’ve got three liposuction ad groups. One, the first ad group speaks to more general searches around liposuction.

The second one are targeting people that are looking for the cost or the price of liposuction.

And the third one is targeting people that are looking for it using their city in the search query or near me, we’ve got the same strategy for Mommy makeover and same strategy for tummy tuck.

How Many Keywords per Ad Group

We could even get more specific and add in surgeon at the end of it and have a key word that’s specific to tummy tuck surgeon and then also tummy tuck, the best tummy tuck surgeon in near me.

You can have these ad groups split out so granular that you maybe only have five keywords per ad group and that is okay.

The reason is because you then create ad copy that speaks to specifically what they searched for.

If they’re looking for cost, your ad copy refers to the cost.

Or maybe if you want to put your opening price in starting price, you put that in the ad copy.

But your ad copy speaks to exactly what they are searching for.

That’s why you split them apart into different ad groups and it helps your quality score, which will then help lower your average CPC over time.

That is exactly why you split your ad groups apart into only having five to 20 keywords per ad group.

I hope this helps. Leave me a comment if so. And thank you for watching Google Ads Quick Hits.


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