Campaign Title Underscore Hack

Campaign Title Underscore Hack

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins, and I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Ads Agency Partner.

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Today I’m going to help you with a campaign naming hack.

This is only going to make sense to you if you’ve been running Google Google Ads for a long period of time and you have a lot of enabled and a bunch of Paused campaigns in your Google Ads account.

When we take over accounts, we actually jump in and immediately add an underscore to the enabled campaigns and the Paused campaigns.

And here is why you jump in here.

We’ve got two campaigns right now with an underscore, got campaign status enabled and Paused.

This one’s Paused. This is enabled.

Campaign Title Underscore Hack

But let’s say we’ve got 50 campaigns that we’re looking at. 48 of them are Paused and two are enabled.

But we want to group them all together. Simply hover over the pencil, put an underscore at the very beginning.

Campaign Title Underscore Hack

So shift underscore, click save.

Now when you sort the campaign column, all of those campaigns are together and all of the other pause campaigns are pushed down the list.

And that has saved us so much time versus trying to figure out what pause campaigns are we currently working on.

Put it underscore at the very beginning.

They’re sorted alphabetically that way, and that saves you time all of the time.

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