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Twitter Marketing from Blah to BAM! [4 steps]

Lighting the Twitter marketing firecracker.

You started your company’s Twitter page a few years ago, uploaded an image, tweeted a few things that you thought were interesting and planned on being a Twitter marketing guru…and then you got too busy. Today is the day that you get your company Twitter page back in shape and get on your way to […]

200+% Twitter Follower Growth – Social Quant & 26 Days

Social Quant for Twitter Marketing

A group of engaged Twitter followers is the heart of a respected social voice and solid Twitter marketing presence. The number of followers doesn’t always paint an accurate picture of a company’s Twitter marketing game. To earn a large group of engaged followers, a company must implement a campaign that combines relevant content with a […]

4 Steps to Update Your Law Firm’s Forgotten Twitter Account

A lot of attorneys are exactly where you are right now. You started your law firm’s Twitter account a few years ago, tweeted a few things, followed some people that looked like they knew what they were doing…and then cases got in the way of spending any more time on it. You got busy and […]