200+% Twitter Follower Growth – Social Quant & 26 Days

A group of engaged Twitter followers is the heart of a respected social voice and solid Twitter marketing presence. The number of followers doesn’t always paint an accurate picture of a company’s Twitter marketing game. To earn a large group of engaged followers, a company must implement a campaign that combines relevant content with a consistent message and in return, you will gain followers and an engaged audience. “This all sounds like a great Twitter strategy but I’m starting from ZERO…” We started the @CLICKPlacement on December 20, 2015. In the first 9 days we gained 200 followers by concentrating on tweeting relevant content and following people that we respect in the digital marketing space. We manually implemented the follow/unfollow strategy of following companies and people in our industry, waiting a few days and then used Manage Flitter to unfollow the accounts that didn’t follow us back. For every 10 people we followed, we would gain 1 or 2 followers. Slow, manual and time consuming. On day 10 we signed up for the 14 day free trial with Social Quant. We were skeptical about letting an automated system manage our Twitter follow/unfollow strategy. Skeptical meaning pretty paranoid. Was this system going to violate the Twitter terms & conditions and get us thrown out of the twittersphere? Were we going to get a bunch of crap followers? What about fake accounts following us? After 26 days of using Social Quant, we went from 200 to 624 followers. When we started with Social Quant, we were 9 days into creating our new Twitter account and had 200 followers. At the time of this blog post and 26 days after signing up for Social Quant, we have 624 followers. Real people with real accounts. Our engagement rate is 1.4% to 2.7% and we are averaging 1.3K tweet impressions/day. Social Quant is a tool that you control through keyword targeting. You choose up to 30 keywords that reflect your company’s focus and Social Quant follows users that match. If those users don’t follow back, the system unfollows them and moves on. It’s that simple and completely automated. Social Quant is $50/month and we signed up before our free trial was over. If you have any questions, check out the FAQs here. And for an added level of service, CEO Mike Kawula is extremely helpful and has provided us a lot of extra guidance along the way. Social Quant is quickly turning into a social media tool that we can’t live without. What tools are you using that you can’t live without?

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