4 Steps to Update Your Law Firm’s Forgotten Twitter Account

A lot of attorneys are exactly where you are right now. You started your law firm’s Twitter account a few years ago, tweeted a few things, followed some people that looked like they knew what they were doing…and then cases got in the way of spending any more time on it. You got busy and forgot about it. Now, you’ve reached a point of wanting to get your firm’s Twitter account rejuvenated but not sure where to start. Should I just scrap my tired, old account and start a new one? Answer: No! Updating a Twitter account When someone lands on your Twitter page, the month and year you joined will display in your account information. The longer ago the date, the more credibility you have. How do I update my information and pictures? Once you are logged in…wait, did you forget your password? Go here and click ‘forgot password’ to reset your password and log into your account. Okay, you are logged in now. In the upper right, hover over your image (left of the Tweet button) and click it. Now choose Settings. Here are the top 4 steps to get your Twitter account updated!
  1. Do you still like your Twitter username? It’s important to have a Twitter username that is as short as possible but reflects your law firm’s name. This is your ‘@’ handle and the fewer the characters the better. If you choose to change your handle, don’t worry. You will retain your followers, tweets and everything associated with this account.
If you changed your username, make sure you Save the changes. Now click on your name over on the left and click the Edit Profile button. The fields on the left are now editable so this is where you get everything up to date.
  1. Change Your Header Photo – Use an image that shows you and your team. People want to see you and know who they are following. (recommended dimensions 1500×500 pixels)
  2. Change Your Profile Photo – Use your law firm’s logo. This will help with branding since this photo will accompany all of your tweets in a person’s timeline. (400×400 pixels)
CLICKPlacement Twitter account
  1. Change Your Bio – You have 160 characters to explain exactly what your firm specializes in and why you are great. Choose each character wisely. Also, make sure your city and website url are still accurate. Don’t worry about the Birthday field, leave it blank.
Now SAVE CHANGES and your Profile is officially updated. It’s now time to continue what you once started. Follow people that you respect in your space and get to tweeting!

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