5 Things to Know About the $10K Google AdGrant

How does $10,000 dollars of free Google Adwords clicks sound? What about $10,000 per month? Google AdGrants has been rolled out to provide qualifying Nonprofits the opportunity to apply for a grant that will fund $10k of Adwords advertising per month. Here are 5 things you need to know:
  1. Eligible organizations must have a current and valid charity status recognized by the country that they are located in.
  2. Types of organizations that are NOT eligible: government organizations, medical organizations and hospitals, and academic organizations and schools.
  3. The Adwords campaign needs to be built during the application process and is part of the application/approval process.
  4. Adwords accounts must be constantly managed to insure campaign optimization maximizing ad spend.
  5. Application to approval process takes 4 months or less.
Here are additional details on getting started in the Google AdGrant program or reach out to CLICKPlacement and get you started today!

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