You Launched Your Campaign! Now What?

You Launched Your Campaign

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Now that you’ve launched your campaign, now what, what metrics do you watch within your Google Ads account to tell you, is this thing really working or not?

The first three metrics that you look at are impressions are your Ads being served? Clicks?

Are your Ads being clicked on? And then what’s the percentage?

The click through rate, a good rule of thumb getting started in the first 30 days is that a click through rate of 3% or greater is good, and a click through rate of 6% or greater is excellent.

You Launched Your Campaign

And I’ve got a really good example to show you just that.

We launched this campaign last week. This is performing really, really well. And I’ve got our columns separated out here.

First one is clicks. So since last Thursday, so we’ve been running it for about four or five days, we’ve received 15 clicks on 73 impressions, and the click through rate is over 20%.

This is excellent, but it is a new campaign. We have a bid strategy of maximize clicks because it’s within the first 30 days of launch.

The average CPC is $22. The spend is $341.

The other metric to watch early on is, are we tracking conversions?

And in this campaign, we are. We’ve received three conversions at an average cost of $113.

A 20% click through rate is much greater than normal.

You Launched Your Campaign

And what I expect to have happened over the 30 days, we’re trying to get to between 15 and 30 conversions in the first 30 days.

Based on this activity, in the first few days, we’re going to get there easily.

We’re going to then transition from maximize clicks over to maximize conversions.

And then what I expect to happen is that the conversions will continue to go up, but the cost per conversion will go down because the average CPC dollar amount will go down as well.

So after 30 days, we go max conversions and those metrics start working better in our favor because we’re relying on Google’s system to serve our Ads to the correct audience at the right time with the right messaging.

Those are the metrics that you look at right when you launch a new campaign.

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