Device Bid Adjustments

Device Bid Adjustments

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Today I’m going to help you bid by device and also block out tablets.

Most of the time, tablets have a horrible conversion rate and a cost per conversion compared to mobile and desktop.

So here’s how you opt out of serving to tablets. And then you can also bid adjust up or down based on your conversion data to determine, I want to spend more on mobile devices because they’re generating more conversions or I want to spend more on desktops because they’re generating more quality of conversions.

This is at the campaign level.

You click on your campaign, then right underneath ad schedule, you click on devices and theyare listed here, three of them.

Device Bid Adjustments

You can see all of your metrics over here when you start running ads.

And right here is where you click on the pencil and hit decrease negative 100%.

Device Bid Adjustments

This is the only way that you can actually opt out of serving ads to specific devices.

So you hit negative 100% and your ads will no longer serve to tablets.

If over time you see that your computers when you serve your ads to computers, those are performing better with a lower cost per conversion.

You can tell Google, Hey, I actually would be open to spending more per click to computers and you can put, let’s say you want to double it, you put 100%, click save and that’s it.

Device Bid Adjustments

That’s how you adjust your ads being served differently to the three different devices.

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