Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. This is Todd Nevins and I am the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Ads agency partner.

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In the last video I said that expanded text ads are going away on June 30th and going forward, we are only only going to be able to build, edit and launch responsive search ads.

We’re going to do a deep dive into exactly how to build the correct responsive search ad for your business.

So I am currently on the responsive search ad page and looking across the top.

These are the keywords that are in this particular ad group and a responsive search ad.

Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

Google asks us to use the keywords that are in the ad group that we are targeting as headlines in the ad.

Right now, I’ve already built out this ad and this ad strength indicator says that we have excellent ad strength.

We want excellent all of the time.

Worst case scenario, we have good, but nothing below good.

Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

We’re aiming for excellence all of the time.

So here’s the final URL.
This is a landing page that we are sending traffic to.

This is the path. This isn’t the URL, this is a path these two fields show after the ad URL over here in each particular ad.

And here is where we are going into the headlines.

Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

We have a choice of 15 different headlines. In each headline you can use up to 30 characters and that does include spaces and then you scroll down to the bottom.

We can use four different descriptions.

Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

Now what Google does is it dynamically uses three headlines, two to three headlines.

In this particular view, it’s only using two headlines and this is on a mobile device.

You can change it over here to look at what your ads are going to look like on a computer as well.

This is a really cool feature and you can toggle through it this way and look at your ads in a number of different ways.

Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

So the strategy behind your headlines, you’ve got 15.

The first five you state what you do. I provide this particular campaign and ad group is targeting people that are looking for Google Ads agencies for senior living communities.

So the first five is exactly what we offer them.

Google Ads for Senior Living Campaign Audit and Optimization, PPC Marketing and Senior Living.

We’re a Google Ads agency partner and we’ve been doing this for over 17 years.

These first five headlines are what we do. It’s more straightforward.

This is us. The next five is the result of what we do for our clients in the senior living space.

We increase community occupancy.

We drive engaged leads.We stop wasting time and money. We optimize your daily ad spend and we decrease resident turnover.

These next five headlines pertain to the results of what we do.

Then the final five headlines are the calls to action.

Crafting the Perfect Responsive Search Ad

They start with an action verb. Book a free consultation, get a free 30 minutes consult.

Remember we’re working with 30 characters including spaces so we’re going to have to abbreviate some get started saving money here, save time and start here today and get your Google issues fixed.

That’s how you design 15 different headlines.

These four descriptions are then up to 90 characters including spaces.

Three of them actually end in a call to action as well.

Book a call, get a free assessment.

We want these people to click on the ad and then land on our page and do something engage with us, get a free assessment, get started.

That’s the perfect way to build a responsive search ad and you are aiming for excellent.

When you start building out this ad, it’s going to show you as poor or average or good or excellent.

You want that excellent wheel and therefore you’re going to have great ad strength and Google will show your ads more frequently and even more frequently against your competition.

That may not have excellent ad strength.
That’s how you build a perfect responsive search ad.

Thank you for watching Google Ads Quick Hits. Leave me a comment if this helped you.


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