Maximize Conversions or Maximize Clicks ?

Maximize Conversions or Maximize Clicks

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins and I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We were a Google Ads Agency partner.

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Today I’m going to help you decide between a maximize clicks bid strategy and a maximize conversions bid strategy.

Maximize clicks bid strategy is basically telling Google based on the parameters of our campaign and the keywords that we’re bidding on, send us as much traffic as you can.

Maximize Conversions is utilizing your conversion data and the system takes that conversion data into account and goes after more people that look like previous people that converted on your website.

But typically we’ve got a stair step from a max clicks into a max conversions.

If you’re launching a brand new campaign, you should start with max clicks.

If your campaigns have been paused for 30 days or longer you should start again with Maximize clicks.

You run your maximize clicks bid strategy for 30 days and you have to have between 15 to 30 conversions tracked.

Typical conversions that are tracked are calls from website and also calls from Ads through the call extension and then also of course, a Contact us or an on page submission.

How you change your bid strategy is you go to your campaign, then settings and then over here in Bidding.

Maximize Conversions or Maximize Clicks

I’ve got this one set to max clicks.

Let’s say I wanted to change this to maximize conversions.

You click the clicks, then Conversions and actually you can click this Not Recommended and it shows you it’s going to maximize conversions.

Maximize Conversions or Maximize Clicks
Maximize Conversions or Maximize Clicks

You simply click Save and now your campaign has been switched from maximize clicks to maximize conversions and you’re on an automated bid strategy.

Now Google is helping you find more people that are going to convert on your website.

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