Why You Should Never Target the Google Ads Search Partners Network

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I am Todd Nevins and I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement.We are a Google Ads partner.
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Today I’m going to help you avoid serving your ads to the Search network.

What is the Search network?

There are other websites outside of Google that are allowed to use Google Search bar to serve ads.

Those are typically poorer quality and if you’re ever going to get hit with a bot or invalid clicks, most likely it comes through the Search Network.

And I can show you an example right here. This particular Advertiser spent over $600,000 on Google Ads but 10% of that went to the Search Partners Network and of the cost per conversion it is 50% higher and conversion rate is 50% lower.

By opting out of the Search Partners Network, this advertiser will now use this $53,000 directly on Google Search resulting in more conversions at a lower cost per conversion and a better conversion rate.

How do you opt out of the Google Search network?

It is simple. Go to your campaign, then Settings and under Networks.

You make sure that this button is unchecked, simply click Save and you’re done.

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You’re now saving money by serving ads only to Google Search.

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