Create Stunning Videos in Minutes with Google Ads Video Editor

Create Stunning Videos in Minutes with Google Ads Video Editor

Create stunning videos in minutes within your Google Ads performance. Max campaigns. Yes, it is true.

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins.

I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement and we are a Google Premier partner.

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I am not good at video editing, and I will admit it. But even this feature lets me create pretty cool videos in just a few minutes minutes.

And I’m going to jump in and show you exactly how I did it. Let’s get started.

I’m talking about the Google Ads video editor. And you get there a couple of different ways.

Either right when you are creating a Performance Max campaign or you’re creating a new asset group and a new asset.

Simply click on the videos icon plus videos and it’s going to take you right here and you click Create and you land on 35 different templates that you can choose from that have done a lot of the work for you.

I’m going to show you an example of this product cards template that we used and something to watch and pay attention to is that all of these templates have different requirements.

Create Stunning Videos in Minutes with Google Ads Video Editor

This particular template has five images, two logos, and 14 text areas that we can use to build our video ads.

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So I’ve chosen the product cards template right here. And I have already filled out all of the different fields to come up with our video.

You start on the first storyboard down at the bottom. You need to add a logo and a text field.

Google Ads Video Editor

There are character limits on all of these text fields and they do include spaces and moving along through your storyboard on at the bottom, you can upload different images and you change the text.

The logo stays the same down to the final call to action.

Create Stunning Videos in Minutes

And how you can also create a stunning video is by adjusting the color around the color palette of your brand.

Also you can choose the different font for your text as well as the size or weight is what they call it.

You can also choose different background music.

I chose Summer Columbia summer in Columbia, which you’re going to hear in a second.

You can also adjust the video volume so the volume of that music is down because I’ve chosen to add in.

This is where it gets super cool. A voiceover. You type in what you want the person to say.

You can even choose what type of person is speaking your voiceover.

Luxury female creator male expert male. And I chose announcer female and here is the finished product.

Create Stunning Videos in Minutes with Google Ads Video Editor

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And that’s my video. What do you think?

I hope leave me a like and a comment. Let me know what you think.

And I hope you’re a little bit less intimidated about making your own videos for your performance Max campaigns.

Thank you for watching this video and for watching it to the end.

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