PMax Gets Supercharged

PMax Gets Supercharged

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits. I’m Todd Nevins. I’m the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Ads Premier partner.

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Today, I’m going to hit another key takeaway from the Google Marketing Live event that just happened recently.

This one on today’s video, I’m going to cover Performance Max.

Performance Max campaigns were rolled out about a year ago.

They were a little clunky, but as Google was saying back then, and it certainly is going to be proven here, they are using their AI engine and tool to help us create these ads and then help us serve these ads to the right audience.

In this particular video, I’m going to go through how easy it’s going to be next month, July 2023 is when they are rolling out these new features.

Check them out.

This particular example is a pet food brand, sosa pet. And all you have to do is start with the URL of your particular website and it pulls all of the information straight from your site, creates the headlines, the descriptions, and even pulls the ad copy, I’m sorry, the images from your ads.

And you can actually refresh these and choose different images and they will automatically be generated for mobile, for desktop, for tablets, all different size is it is going to be so much easier, easier to create Performance Max campaigns starting as early as July 2023.

PMax Gets Supercharged

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