The Top 11 Digital Marketing Hashtags of 2015

What trended and what didn’t? Let’s first note the reality that 5 of the top 10 retweets of 2015 were from the band members of One Direction. Truth. Outside of One Direction, we had a year that included the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage #LoveWins, the world collectively grieving after the Paris attacks #PrayforParis and continuing from 2014, #BlackLivesMatter has allowed civil rights activists to join in outrage. Let’s first give heavy digital marketing street cred to Chris Messina who first invented the Hashtag back in 2007. #Word So what were Digital Marketers using this year to drive their content and agencies? Here are the top 11 most used hashtags of the year.
  1. #PPC – short, sweet and universally known for pay-per-click marketing.
  2. #PPCchat – maybe a little surprising, but shows the incredible collaboration among Marketers.
  3. #SEO – the ever evolving and moving target of search-engine-optimization.
  4. #SEM – another short and sweet one for search-engine-marketing/PPC.
  5. #Marketing – can’t go wrong with the broad stroke of ‘marketing’.
  6. #Adwords – beating out ‘Google’ by one spot is the PPC Dominator.
  7. #Google – and next is the Search Dominator.
  8. #SocialMedia – our community and all that THAT entails.
  9. #DigitalMarketing – the most descriptively accurate for what we do.
  10. #Mobile – goes without saying and is said a lot.
  11. #SMX that is used to promote the Search Marketing Expo. Now THAT is a must see event almost cracking the top 10 used marketing hashtags for the year.
In a Twitter world of Kim Kardashians, One Directioners and Bruce Jennerers dominating social media, it’s nice to know we are all in good company within the dynamic world of Digital…uh…Direct…uh…let’s just call it “Marketing” for now. Happy 2016 from us at CLICKPlacement to all of you around the world!!

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