4 Strategies to Maximize Before Considering Bing Ads

“I’ve been advertising on Adwords for ____ (days, weeks, months, years) now, should I also be advertising on Bing?” We get this question a lot and the answer is simple. Maybe. Here are 4 things to make sure you are doing before advertising on Bing.
  1. Remarketing – Implementing a Google Remarketing campaign that serves ads though the Display Network to previous visitors of your website will result in the lowest cost/conversion lead that you can get. Implement the tracking code and get started remarketing, your prospects will thank you immediately by becoming customers.
  2. Optimize Your Campaign – You should have a maximum of 50 keywords in each of your Adwords Ad Groups and preferably less than 25. This insures a consistent message from search query, to keyword, to ad text and then to the landing page. If you have over 50 keywords in an ad group, break it apart.
  3. Landing Page Experience – Are you landing people on your homepage or on the page that they are most interested in? Landing the visitor on the page that is exactly what they are looking for not only increases the user experience and your chances of a conversion but also positively increases the Quality Score in your Adwords campaign.
  4. Maximizing Adwords budget – Assuming that your campaign and landing pages are fully optimized, you should be spending all of your monthly budget before considering an expansion to Bing Ads.
There are a number of other areas that need addressed before a move to Bing Ads and we’d be happy to cover those w/you.

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