Exclude your Ads From “Sexually Suggestive” Sites

Welcome to Google Ads Quick Hits.This is Todd Nevins and I am the founder of CLICKPlacement. We are a Google Ads Agency Partner. (Exclude your Ads From “Sexually Suggestive” Sites)

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Today I’m going to help make sure that your display ads that you put up on Google are not shown on any sort of creepy or sketchy websites by opting out of having your ads shown to those.

So you go to all campaigns on the left and under settings. You click that little down arrow and then account settings.

And here is where you check all five of these boxes. This is a consistent thing that we do with every single client that we have on board.

You do not want your ads to show on any sexually suggestive websites.

Sensational and shocking. No way. Check all of them. Click save and that’s it.

Now you’ve protected your brand and you made sure that your display ads are not shown on any of these kinds of websites.

So leave me a comment if that helped you. And thank you for watching Google Ads Quick Hits.

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