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I’m Todd Nevins and I work with startups, established small-to-medium companies and nonprofits to design marketing campaigns around their business and customers. Here are a few examples of companies that I work with and designed dynamic marketing campaigns that continue to deliver results.

Example #1 – Cosmetic Surgery Center

Challenge: This surgery center has customers in a 200 mile radius around a major city in the central U.S. Their previous campaign was delivering a high volume of traffic through AdWords and Bing but the Bounce Rate was above 90% and the online conversion rate was below 1%. Phone call conversions were not being tracking properly so the ROI was unknown. Monthly Budget: $10,000 split between AdWords ($9,000) and Bing Ads ($1,000). AdWords: 2,849 clicks/mo, 1.47% CTR, .90% online conversion rate, phone call conversion rate unknown. Bing Ads: 169 clicks, 1.68% CTR, .45% online conversion rate, phone call conversion rate unknown. The goal of the campaign is to set appointments, improve the ‘show rate’ of people showing up to the appointments and then booking and completing a procedure. Solution: Implemented the 100 Step Process of rebuilding the AdWords and Bing campaigns focusing on their 5 highest value procedures with the longest lifetime value.

An extensive negative keyword strategy was implemented since 73% of all cosmetic surgery search queries on Google are unrelated to this center’s focus. (neck and face only)

A landing page strategy and sales funnel was also implemented to capture online conversions and trackable call-only ads were implemented. Result: A 130% increase in monthly traffic, a 98% CTR improvement and a 150% increase in tracked conversions at the same budget. AdWords: 6,553 clicks/mo., 2.78% CTR, 5.12% conversion rate tracking conversions through AdWords and Analytics. Bing Ads: 401 clicks/mo., 2.67% CTR, 5.85% conversion rate. Due to the success of the campaign, the client has consistently increased the budget each month to $22,000 and now 80% of the monthly web traffic comes directly from AdWords.

Example #2 Technology startup

Challenge: This technology startup serves the nonprofit space by providing a pre-screened vendors to nonprofits to assist in all aspects of their charity. Grant writing, taxes, legal assistance, HR services, etc. The challenge is that they target decision makers at nonprofits to join the startup network and there is no fee to join so this isn’t a revenue source. The vendors that provide services exclusively to nonprofits pay a monthly recurring fee the startup to be on the network and provide services to charities.

Charities on the network = no revenue, Vendors on the network = revenue

Monthly Budget: $4,500 split between AdWords ($3,000) and LinkedIn ($1,500). Solution: I designed the AdWords campaign to target vendors that provided the top 10 services that are most needed by nonprofits since this is were the company revenue comes from. I completed the 100 Step System of building the campaign and launched coinciding with the day that the startup launched from beta. I designed a LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign to target decision makers at nonprofits throughout the U.S. around Job Titles and LinkedIn Groups. A content creator is writing blog articles around the top 10 services that are most needed by nonprofits and the Sponsored Content campaign is designed around driving traffic to the blog post and then capturing email and contact information once they land on the site. Result: 2,655 visits to the site through AdWords and 5,700 Sponsored Content views in a 30 day period. The startup has consistently increase the monthly budget and increased the number of articles published each week to sync with the LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaign. Revenue growth has surpassed initial goals and 31% of the total website traffic comes through AdWords and LinkedIn. I can provide additional examples of successfully implementing marketing campaigns through Facebook, Instagram and Amazon upon request.

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