Google AdWords Ad Grants: $10,000 a Month in Free Clicks

What is Google AdWords Ad Grants and does my nonprofit qualify for $10,000 in free clicks? Google created the Ad Grants program to allow your nonprofit a free path to engage with your existing audience and expand your cause by reaching people throughout your local community and globally. Increase donations, expand visibility, increase page views and bring in more volunteers. All of this and more is possible by getting started in the Google AdWords Ad Grants program. Qualifying nonprofits are able to receive $10,000 in free clicks to any webpage or multiple pages and after just 6 months, apply for up to $40,000 per month. How do you get started? Begin by applying to Google for Nonprofits. Check the list of countries that Google for Nonprofits is available in here.

Increase Donations | Recruit Volunteers | Educate Visitors | Drive Traffic | ALL FOR FREE

The basics of Ad Grants: $10,000 monthly credit which equates to $329/day of ad credit and free traffic at no more than $2.00 per click. This means you receive up to 5,000 free monthly clicks to any page on your website. Google Search: Ads will show on the Google Search results pages and reach 10s and 100s of thousands of people every month. Ads: Create compelling Expanded Text ads with KeyWord insertion that initiates action and interest in your cause. Mobile: Tablet and smartphone traffic does qualify under the program and includes all smart phones and tablets. Up to 50% of search traffic is now on mobile devices so optimizing your ads and website is crucial for Ad Grants success. $2.00 maximum bid: There is a cap on the bid set at $2.00 per click, but since you will be competing primarily against other nonprofits, this provides a level playing field for all organizations and encourages associations to compete through quality ads, targeted keywords and a high Quality Score for ad rankings on the search page results. Bid Adjustment: If desktop traffic is bringing in more quality traffic and conversions, you can decrease the bids to tablets and mobile devices with bid adjustments. $40,000 monthly credit instead of just $10,000: Yes, it’s possible to expand your Ad Grants program from $10,000/month to $40,000. There are a few specific requirements that include the following:
  • 6 months of Ad Grants activity
  • The account must show consistent campaign management by adding keywords, A/B testing ads, creating additional ad groups and the Quality Score must be consistently improving. This can be accomplished by having an experienced person or agency that specializes in managing Ad Grants campaigns.
  • Conversions and conversion tracking must be implemented and show at least 1 conversion in the last 30 days upon applying for an expanded Ad Grants program. What constitutes a conversion? They can be donations, a downloaded white paper or an additional information request of your charity.
Qualifications for US based nonprofits: Organizations must be recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations formed for charitable, educational, religious, literary, scientific or other tax-exempt purposes. Organizations, such as churches, that are automatically tax-exempt must still obtain recognition of 501 (c)(3) tax exemption from the IRS to qualify. User experience is still key: Your website should have the latest news on your cause and how your organization is involved in solving the problem. Having a website that is mobile optimized is crucial since up to 50% of the traffic delivered through AdWords will come through mobile devices. Maximize the user experience by creating specific landing pages that sync with your ad groups. This will result in more time on your website and lower bounce rates which will improve the user experience and quality score. Results: Increase visibility of your charitable organization, increase donations online and over the phone, recruit more volunteers and engage more with your community of local, national and international users that want to join in your cause. The Ad Grants program is specifically designed for you to accomplish all of this and more. What’s next? CLICKPlacement works with national nonprofits throughout the U.S. to help them qualify for Ad Grants and ensures that they stay in compliance with the program by driving quality, engaged traffic that results in donations, volunteers, branding and results. Contact CLICKPlacement to start driving free traffic with Ad Grants

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