Top 5 Mobile Marketing Adwords Mistakes Lawyers Make (and How to Fix Them)

Google Adwords has greatly enhanced how law firms can directly market to clients through their phones. Are you taking advantage of the latest mobile marketing tricks to engage with your audience and convert a tire-kicker to a signed client? Well, a recent HubSpot survey uncovered that over 60% of people regularly use their phones to look up businesses and around 1/5th of those searches are for professional and legal services. Here are the top 5 Mobile Marketing Adwords strategies that are frequently overlooked. Not Having a Mobile Responsive Website Law firms with non-responsive websites see an 80% bounce rate. That means 80% of smartphone users immediately bail on your website. If this is the case, stop reading and get your Website Developer on this immediately. This will increase your organic Google ranking, keep people engaged on your site and is simply a past-due business decision!

Back…the Truck…Up.

Quick Hit: Do not spend money on Google Adwords until your website is mobile responsive. Use the money for web development. Not Knowing the % of Mobile Traffic to Your Website It’s as low as 10% or as high as 40% depending on a few factors. Do you have a blog? If so, your mobile traffic will be much higher because people consume news and blog articles from their phones. Have a consistent email marketing campaign? Your mobile traffic is higher because emails are checked on phones more frequently than computers. The higher the mobile traffic the better. This means that you are providing content that your audience is interested in. Quick Hit: Consistent blog content that is educational (not self-promotional) will greatly impact your law firm’s brand and instill in your audience that you are trusted voice and expert in your field. Not Having (mobile) Specific Ads Each ad group is created with keywords and ads. Under the Ads tab, and you should see (mobile) under at least one of your ads. If you don’t see (mobile), click +Add and then ‘text’ ad from the dropdown. The 5th line of text is titled ‘Device Preference’, check it. This will display how your ad will show on a phone. Put a period at the end of Description line 1 and your ad completely changes. Experiment with periods and exclamation points at the end of each line to see how it changes your ad appearance. Quick Hit: Only one exclamation point is allowed per ad. Mobile or Desktop, same rule applies.

Google doesn’t like you yelling!!

Not Using Call Extensions From the Ad Extensions tab, click the ‘view:’ tab and then Call Extensions. Do you show a phone number? If not, add in your number. This will implement one-click calling directly from your potential client right to you. Quick Hit: This is also where you can use a Google dynamic number to track the exact number of calls coming and count them as conversions depending on the length of the call. Running Ads 24/7 Mobile ads are designed to reach your potential clients through their phone and be a click away from you BUT, what is the caller’s experience if they call at 11:45pm? Answering service or a recorded message that the office is closed? They hang up, go to sleep and don’t call back. Wanna know the worst part?

You PAID for that call if it came from a Google ad.

Quick Hit: Only run your Google ads when someone is going to actually answer the phone. Are you reading this article on your phone? See what I mean?? It’s time to knock these strategies out and get your mobile marketing game face on!

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