Why You Should Never Target the Google Ads Search Partners Network

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Never Target the Google Ads Search Partners Network

I’m going to help you save almost 10% of your search budget, by only serving your ads on the search Network versus the Google search Partners network.

But first, “What are Google Ads search partners?”

Google search partner compiles of millions of websites that are using the Google search functionality on their site.

The Guardian is a perfect example. If you click this magnifying glass up here at the top “enhanced by Google.” This is actually Google search.

Google Search on The Guardian

And if you search here, I did a search for cosmetic surgeon in Chicago. These are Google ads.

Google Search Results for Cosmetic Surgeon on The Guardian

These are served through the Google Search Partners Network and as a result, they’re typically poor quality because it’s not actually on Google.

If you’re ever going to get hit with a bot or invalid clicks, typically it’s going to come through the partner Network.

Here is a perfect example as to why you should not advertise on the search Partners, because it will result in poorer quality traffic.

Google Search Partner Network metrics.

This particular client spent $6,500 in this period of time. $549 of that was on search Partners.

The click-through rate is lower, almost half at 2.39% so that tells me right up front, that this is poor quality traffic, but here’s the big one.

We had 5 conversions through the partner network, but at $110 per conversion, versus all of the traffic coming from Google search directly resulted in 114 conversions at half the cost/conversion of $51.

Here is how you opt out of the Google Search Partners Network.

How to opt out of the Google Search Partners network.

Here at the campaign level click on settings and you want to make sure that this box is unchecked so you are not included in the Google search Partners and you click save and that’s it.

You are now no longer serving your ads to the poorer quality Partner Network because that would lead to poorer traffic, a lower quality score and a higher average cpc.

Leave me a comment if this helped you. Thank you.

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